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Bishy Lace Group

Bishy Lace Group, ( Bishy is our shortened form of the Norfolk dialect term for a ladybird-'bishy barnabee') formed in 2000, is a cohesive group of Lacemakers and textile artists, living in Norfolk and Suffolk, England. Whilst all being competent lacemakers from textile backgrounds, our collective aim, through design and discussion, is to develop our own expertise and invite interest into the ancient craft of lacemaking.

Through the collaboration of Lacemakers and Textile Artists we are able to encourage one another by challenging our perception of contemporary lacemaking. Thereby hoping to encourage others to see lacemaking has a place in the current world of textile art.

As a group in 2014 we took part in 'Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios'. It proved to be very successful and we are pleased to announce that we will also be taking part this year. For more information click here OPEN STUDIO 2015

We actively seek opportunities to promote this traditional craft in a modern world


              Pins 1: Leslie Sercombe